My first Althea Haul

I was first introduced to this site just last year month of September, I really was into skincare lately and I want to invest on skincare rather than makeup. I still want to look presentable even without makeup, so skincare is a must. So I searched online about different kind of skincare and I was amazed how koreans maintain their youthful glow, they aged but they don’t look their age, I mean they look younger than their real age. I was intrigued how they do that and what do they do to achieve that beautiful skin.

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June Goals

Creating monthly goal and making my best version of

Home Goals

  • Try once again to get our room more organized. HALF SUCCESS. I knew that I could do organize things but to maintaining it is bit difficult

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Back to blogging

Hi guys.. I’ve been MIA to blogging.. I’ve already deleted my blogger account due to personal matters.. but today i want to continue my blogging journey, i will post more on skin care tips and products i use and more beauty reviews which are merely my very own opinion.

I have my basic makeup learning when i was in highschool, though i certainly don’t claim to be a professional MUA but i dream of being one someday.

I love sharing my thoughts and opinions about things, and since blogging is one of my fave hobby and wish to keep it this way.

Til then.