June Goals

Creating monthly goal and making my best version of

Home Goals

  • Try once again to get our room more organized. HALF SUCCESS. I knew that I could do organize things but to maintaining it is bit difficult

Personal Goals

  • Try not to be so anxious all the time. SUCCESS. Found a new hobby. Let’s see if it works long term.

Relationship Goals

  • Make sure to talk to family members two to three times a week to keep up with their lives. HALF SUCCESS. I need to get better about talking with my sisters. Parents were a success.
  • Make sure to make time with my little miss every single day. HALF SUCCESS. I need more spare time and more energy everyday.

Blog Goals

  • Post twice or thrice a week. FAIL. Ideas not sinking in

Other Goals

  • Get a schedule down for the school year now that I will have preschooler. I also need to make sure that I am available during homework to help my little miss succeed to the best of her ability. SUCCESS. It is a good thing that my youngest sib help me teach her advance lessons and homeworks

Got 3 HALF SUCCESS 3 SUCCESS and 1 FAIL, not bad for my new listing of Monthly Goals for this year.


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